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business intel - improve them Companies that use BI to find...

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MIS 171 Web Technologies and Innovation Readings Summary 03:43:02 Name: Section: Reading: Business Intelligence, Meridith Levinson
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MIS 171 Web Technologies and Innovation Readings Summary 03:43:02 Synopsis: Business intelligence refers to the variety of software applications used to analyze an organization's raw data and extract useful insights from it. Before, when an executive wanted sales information, he or she had to ask a programmer to manually pull the numbers from the company's database. The numbers they saw would already be considered stale because it wasn't real-time. Now, with a new business intelligence system, it gives more accessibility to the executives when they can instantly get the answers themselves in real-time. Instead of using business intelligence as a decision support tool, companies should be using it at the operational level. This requires a change in thinking about the value of information inside organizations and understanding all of their business processes well enough to determine know how to
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Unformatted text preview: improve them. Companies that use BI to find bad business processes are at an advantage over companies who only use BI to monitor activity. By opening up BI, employees can modify their own practices, which lead to better performance. Quaker Chemical used its BI to change its accounts receivable. The system tracked company's payments and alerted account managers if one of their accounts didn't pay for that month. Takeaway: Business intelligence, or BI, can be used for so much more than executive decision-making. Depending how the CIO of a company uses BI, it can transform the whole company's way of operating. It can improve business processes by going beyond basic reporting. BI can increase efficiency depending on how the CIO and IT department use the information that is at their fingertips. Avnet and Quaker Chemical are good examples of what a company can do with it's BI by demonstrating that they can use it beyond decision support....
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