39 - Male Epithets for Ethic Women in Historical American Slang

39 - Male Epithets for Ethic Women in Historical American Slang

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"Male Epithets for Ethic Women in Historical American Slang" Understanding Prejudice and Discrimination Pp. 249-253 Entry #39 There are over one thousand epithets used for persons of around 50 ethnic groups. These can be found in scholarly records of American slang and have been accumulated since the Colonial period. This study focuses on 96 terms used for women of 20 different ethnic groups. The terms of abuse for ethnic women are mostly male slang. This vocabulary is used to exert social control, privilege, and power over women and ethnic groups. Of the 96 terms, 73 are interracial, and 61 of those are directed at women of
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Unformatted text preview: racial minorities. Some of the words are animal and food metaphors to depersonalize woman as sex objects. Epithets for ethnic women are male slang terms. These are used to stereotype physical differences, sexual allusions, and to depersonalize women. Most of the terms in the article are for Black women and are the most commonly used as well as the white slang terms. These terms have existed for hundreds of years in America to keep males superior over not only females, but also whites over other ethnic groups in our society....
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