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Ch. 26 study guide - What is the evidence What are...

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STUDY GUIDE BIO 311D CHINNERY FALL 2007 CHAPTER 26 Important figures : 26.4, 26.5, 26.8, 26.10, 26.13, 26.16, 26.17, 26.18, 26.22 Important terms : protobiont, liposome, ribozyme, endosymbiosis, Precambrian era, Cambrian era, Cambrian explosion, Permian extinction, Cretaceous extinction. Knowledge goals : Describe how life could have begun. What was most likely the first genetic material?
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Unformatted text preview: What is the evidence? What are liposomes and what is the significance of them? How did eukaryotes probably evolve? How did multicellular organisms probably evolve? When was the largest extinction event? Adaptive radiation event? What is biodiversity and how has it changed over time? Be able to list the major extinction events and the major animal group radiations in order....
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