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Ch. 29 study guide - Be able to draw label and understand...

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STUDY GUIDE BIO 311D CHINNERY FALL 2007 CHAPTER 29 Important figures : 29.3, 29.5, 29.7, 29.8, 29.12 Important terms : adaptation, multicellular, eukaryote, autotroph, cuticle, bryophyte, pteridophyte (pterophyte), gymnosperm, angiosperm, alternation of generations, gametophyte, sporophyte, mitosis, meiosis, spore, zygote, vascular tissue, seed. Knowledge goals : What are the constraints that organisms had to face during evolution?
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Unformatted text preview: Be able to draw, label and understand the basic alternation of generations figure (pg. 576). What were the main obstacles that plants had to overcome to become terrestrial? What were the main advantages to becoming terrestrial? List the main evolutionary changes that occurred in terrestrial plants in the order in which they happened. Understand the life cycles of mosses and ferns, and be able to reproduce them....
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