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Solution_midterm_Wed - SO~1 c IOmm ~ W hQ;~ ~&0 fA C\~...

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The rigid metal strip of negligible weight is used as part of an electromagnetic switch. If the stiffness of the springs at A and B is k = 5 N/m, and the strip is originally horizontal when the springs are unstretched, detennine the smallest force needed to close the contact gap at C.
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Unformatted text preview: SO~1 c-. IOmm ~ W hQ;~\ ~, &0.,\ fA'\, C \~ tll\)~tA, l'nlt 'Y~\) [email protected] ~() S~Y\'fLd B IIJ C;'t,Yl!,\.chtJ ~~~?t" C;\J-11~i~ S\'(~ \'l C;\rc~\(.~~~ ~::-7v, r\~~~ b'LM~::\) ~ ~:::. .~\ ~k'( f\i)--Bil 81)--Cv...
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