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The Medieval Period Notes.docx - The Medieval Period ~ By...

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The Medieval Period ~ By 700, Christian missionaries arrive to convert the pagans ~ Latin (the language of the Church) returns ~ King Alfred ~ the Britons become organized ~ first true king of the Britons ~ period of prosperity ~ In 1066 , the Normans (French speaking people from Normandy), led by William the Conqueror attack and defeat the Britains (a blend of the Britons and Anglo- Saxons) and the Battle of Hastings . ~ The 3 rd language is introduced: French ~ French culture and French literature arrives Welcome to England and the English ~ Latin: church, school ~ French: court, castle ~ English: commoners The 3 Estates in the Middle Ages ~ The idea of estates, or orders, was encouraged during the Age, but this ordering was breaking down. ~ Clergy ~Latin chiefly spoken ~ Those who pray ~ Purpose was to save everyone’s soul
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~ Nobles ~ French chiefly spoken ~ Those who figh t ~ Purpose was to protect, allow for all to work in peace, and provide justice ~ Commoners ~ English spoken ~ Those who work ~ Purpose was to feed and clothe all above them Feudalism ~
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