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Art History Notes Unit 1.docx - Art History Unit 1 What...

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Art History Unit 1 What Makes Something A Work Of Art? ~ Art reflects the ideas and feelings of the artist in a way that the viewer can understand ~ Art reflects some aspect of real life ~ Art is visually appealing or stimulating ~ Art doesn’t need to posses all of these to be art ~ An artist doesn’t create a piece for universal appeal; he creates it to express himself in a tangible way Viewpoints of Art ~ Imitationalists- favor the realistic representation of subject matter in works of art ~ Formalists- place importance on how well artists design their works of art. Attention is placed on evaluation of artistic use of the building blocks of art: color, value, line texture, shape, form and space. ~ Emotionalists- place importance on the vivid communication of ideas, feelings, and moods evoked in works of art ~ Aesthetics- study of nature, beauty, and art (original philosophy) Defined and Explored
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~ Forces that work simultaneously involved in the production of art include human sensitivity, creativity, skill, technique, and imagination.
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