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56 terms cmaccorm Aseptic technique STUDY FLASHCARDS LEARN SPELL TEST PLAY MATCH GRAVITY Sort A nurse preparing a sterile field knows that the field has been contaminated when, select all that apply 1. A cotton ball dampened with sterile normal saline is placed on the field. 2. The nurse turns to address the patients questions concerning the procedure. 3. The procedure is postponed for 30 minutes to accommodate the patient. ...Recommended pouring distance is 4 to 6 inches to remain within the sterile field. When opening a sterile package, what would break sterility? opening the package below your waist The goal of surgical asepsis is to create and maintain a micro-organism-free environment Prior to entering the surgical-scrub areas, what PPE does the team members don? 1. protective eyewear 2. hair cover 3. mask 4. shoe cover You are about to open a sterile pack. Place the following steps in the proper sequence for opening the sterile pack. 1. the flap furthest from you 2. the side flaps 3. the flap closest to you During surgical handwashing, the hands are kept above the elbows to .... encourage water and soap to flow away from the clean hands. A nurse donning sterile gloves knows that the proper technique for gloving the dominant hand prevents contact between the contaminated hand and the non contaminated glove because .... Original
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the inner edge of the cuff will lie against the skin and thus will not be sterile. A nurse preparing to flush and change the dressing on a patients central venous catheter should understand that the primary purpose for performing this intervention using surgical asepsis is to... Control the introduction of micro-organisms at the catheter site When donning sterile gloves using the open-gloving method, it is important to remember to,,,, grasp only the inside of the glove with your ungloved hand. Which area of the hand requires special attention before you begin a surgical hand scrub? The area under each fingernail. While waiting for a sterile procedure to begin, how do you position your hands and arms? With your hands clasped together in front of your body above waist level. antibody a type of protein the immune system produces to neutralize a threat of some kind, such as an infecting organism, a chemical, or some other foreign body antimicrobial Surgical scrub - traditional scrub and alcohol-based handrub When performing a procedure that requires sterile technique, it is important to perform hand hygiene with an antimicrobial agent that will remove debris and transient micro-organisms from the nails, hands, and arms. This reduces the resident microbial count to a minimum and inhibits the rapid regrowth of micro-organisms. Traditionally, the surgical hand scrub was performed by using an antimicrobial agent and a sterile sponge and brush to clean the nails, hands, and forearms. In recent years, a brushless technique using an agent with 50% to 90% alcohol combined with chlorhexidine gluconate has been introduced as an alternative to the traditional surgical hand scrub. This
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