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“Thank You” Note Samples Write hand-written “Thank you” notes. Keep them personable, sincere, and short. Use a professional looking card - not one that says “Thank You,” and use a handsome stamp when you mail it. Send it within three days of the event. They should receive it no later than a week after you talked to them. In business, always write a “thank you” note to someone who does something nice for you. It’s their time, their money. They owe you nothing. Thank them for it. Below are two suggestions: September 10, 2017 Dear Mr. Johnson, Please accept my sincere thanks for taking the time to meet with me on Monday. I enjoyed hearing about your career, and truly appreciate the advice you offered and how it may benefit me in the future. I especially enjoyed your comment about “putting a year in the bank. No doubt this advice will save me much anxiety someday. I’m sure my classmates will profit from your suggestions as well.
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