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BA200 - LSI-1 Student Instuctions (2).docx

BA200 - LSI-1 Student Instuctions (2).docx - Thank you for...

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Thank you for using the Life Styles Inventory 1 (LSI1) Online. This online tool provides you with a valuable opportunity to look at your thinking styles. It will provide you with insightful information, which can be used for self discovery, self monitoring, and self development. These instructions explain how to access the LSI1 online tool, as well as provide an overview. Accessing the Tool The first step to accessing the LSI1 online is to create your username and password through Account Activation. You will need two pieces of information to begin Account Activation (1) Your Class Section Code (below): 9:30 AM: BA200_CRN_16517 11:00AM: BA200_CRN_16520 12:30PM: BA200_CRN_16522 3:30PM: BA200_CRN_16524 (2) Your unique LSI1 proof-of-purchase (POP) code purchased at the UIC Bookstore. Activating an Account  Access Account Activation To activate your account, go to the LSI1 homepage ( www.surveyserver2.com/lsiuniversity ) and click the click here link found under the first bullet, “First time accessing the LSI?”. This link will bring you to the Account Activation screen, which will ask for your Class Section Code and your unique LSI1 POP code. Enter these into the appropriate fields and click the
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