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BLT Memo Sample -improved(1) (2).docx - Memorandum Date To...

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Memorandum Date: April 5, 2016 To: Bill Kohler From: Colin Powell RE: The BLT Memo – Harry Hines This memo details the communication and job hunting advice received during a recent interview with Global Hyatt Senior Human Resources Manager Harry Hines. The interviewed was performed by Lisa Kudro, Richard Gere, John Patel and me at Tuscany Restaurant. Our discussion addressed the challenges of communicating with a different culture, the value of writing from a legal perspective, and the strength a cover letter brings a resume. Cross-cultural communication is the biggest challenge Hines faces at Global Hyatt. Due to his senior management standing, Hines often finds himself in foreign countries and unfamiliar cultures. Despite the cultural unfamiliarity, he is expected to communicate effectively and efficiently with his clients. According to Hines, a lack of cultural understanding can cause a multi-million dollar deal to fall apart, even if the finances are acceptable to both parties.
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