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UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CARRIBEAN MARACAS ROYAL ROAD, MARACAS. ST. JOSEPH Patriarchs & Prophets Chapter 1 An Assignment Presented in Partial Fulfilment Of the Requirements of the course RELT250-01: Personal Spirituality & Faith INSTRUCTOR: Pastor Ronald Daniel Submitted by Sapphire Jones September 20 th , 2017. Approval… .........................
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Chapter 1: Why Was Sin Permitted? 1. In heaven, Lucifer began to insinuate doubts concerning God’s law that governed the angels. How does he continue to attack God’s law? Lucifer continues to attack God’s law by; stating that God’s angels should be more dignified. He found that they should not be restrained because they considered themselves to be wise enough. He stated that they were holy beings and as a result they would not bring any dishonor to God and His Son. The main point that he highlighted, is the fact that God and His Son were equal beings, but the remainder of angels like himself were not equal to God and His Son. This was a great deal of envy and jealousy being portrayed because Lucifer was the
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