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NU211- Concept Map Case Study 1.doc - Key Problem Impaired...

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Health Care Needed: Medical Diagnoses: Postoperative Infection in Left Knee Type 2 Diabetes Jane Martin Age- 75 years old BP- 160/80 PR- 108 beats/min Resp- 18 breaths/min Oral Temp- 102 F Pain- 6/10 Lost 4lbs Key Problem : Impaired Skin Integrity #2 ND : Impaired skin integrity R/T mechanical factor Data : Surgery 3 weeks prior Incision is draining a purvlent drainage Redness Swelling Interventions : To assist patient with correcting/minimizing condition or maintain skin integrity at optimal level. To educate the patient on proper at home wound care to prevent further infection. Goals : The patient will present no rednesss or swelling at the incision site by the end of 72 hours . Key Problem : ND : Data : Treatments : Medications : Key Problem : Delayed Surgical Recovery #3 ND : Delayed surgical recovery R/T diabetes mellitus. Data : No appetite Lost 4lbs Infection in left knee Oral Temp: 102 F
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