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Density of a solution Objective: The goal is to accurately determine the density of a salt solution by using a calibrated volumetric pipet. Introduction/Theory Density is a characteristic property of matter. It’s one of the fundamental property of all substances. Density changes with temperature and pressure. The density of solid and liquid changes slightly with the change of temperature and pressure, but the volume of gas changes a lot when the temperature and pressure change. Its relationship among these three variables is d=m/v, which m is mass, v is volume, d is density. If the mass is changeless, density and volume are in inverse proportion. The unit of density is g/mL. Even though the pipet is labeled 10mL, the actual volume of liquid it delivers may slightly different, so it is necessary to calibrate (or measure) the pipet, in order to determine the accurate volume of liquid delivered by the pipet to 4 significant figures.
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