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CIVL1113 Assignment for Materials Leung Tsz Hin (UID: 3035279868) Q1. a) Write a brief account of four commonly used construction materials. For a tall building and a long span bridge, what construction materials would you propose? The four commonly used construction materials are structural steel, concrete, timber and masonry. Structural steel is metal compound composed of iron with other materials mainly of carbon, sulphur and phosphorus. Concrete is a mixed material mainly made up of aggregate, cement and water. It possesses a high compressive strength and it is nowadays a fundamental material for buildings. Timber is a natural material obtained from the trunk of tree. Unlike the other materials, it is not subjected to any pre-use factory processing. Masonry is mainly stone material which may be natural rock or brickwork composed of cement and sand. Regarding the characteristics and requirement for building a tall building and a long span bridge, firstly, for a tall building, the materials used should have a strong compressive strength to withstand a large magnitude of compressive stress. As the building is tall, the loading of the upper part acting on the lower part due to gravity would be very high and resulting in a high compressive force. For a long span bridge, the materials should have strong compressive and tensile strength. As the whole structure is long, the structure will experience a large tensile stress exerted from the middle of the bridge to the direction of the two ends. Reinforced concrete is proposed to be the building material of the two buildings. Only plain concrete would not be suitable as concrete has a very strong compressive but a very low tensile strength. The reinforcement with steel can increase the tensile strength of concrete. With high compressive strength, the reinforced concrete can withstand the large compressive stress induced in the tall building and long span bridge exerted by moving vehicles. The high tensile strength possessed by reinforced concrete also enables the whole structure to withstand high shear and tensile stress. Comparing with other building materials, steel, timber and masonry are not feasible in constructing a tall building or a long span bridge. For timber, its strength is not strong enough for a tall building and long span bridge, such that it cannot withstand the loading applied on it. While for steel, if steel is used solely, the dead load for the tall building will significantly increase. To maintain the whole structure, great cost need to be invested in the reinforcement such that it is not economically feasible. For masonry, its ductility is too low therefore unable to withstand the tensile stress induced inside the long span bridge, resulting into the failure of the structure.
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b) Discuss the various factors that would affect the strength of concrete .
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