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6/9/2017 Test Prep: Question Preview (1541) http://reviewgamezone.com/preview.php?id=1541 1/2 Which is the best conductor? a) metal b) marble c) plastic d) wood Which is the best insulator? a) paper clip b) glass c) copper wire d) penny Temperature is a measure of a) the total amount of energy in an object\'s moving particles b) the size of an object's particles c) the amount of energy transferred from the enviroment to the particles of an object d) the average amount of motion of the object's particles A large pot of boiling water has more thermal energy than a small pot of boiling water. The temperature of the water is a) higher in the larger pot b) the same in both pots c) impossible to measure d) higher in the smaller pot A thermometer measures temperature by showing a) particles b) volume c) degrees d) climate When two solids touch, thermal energy transfers by a) insulation b) liquids c) convection current d) conduction The sun warms your skin by
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