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IMG_1846.PNG - III-O Verizon'53-” 8:13 PM ‘f)B 39:1 fl...

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Unformatted text preview: III-O Verizon '53-” 8:13 PM @ ‘f )B 39% [:1- fl quizletcom C 6 - 6133 t i. The cell replicates its DNA.- each DNA molecule is attached to the cytoplasmic membrane. 2. The cell grows; and as the cytoplasmic membrane elongates, it moves the daugh- ter molecules of DNA apart. 3. The cell forms a cross wall. invaginating the cytoplasmic membrane. A. The cross wall completely divides daughter cells 5. daughter cells may or may not separate. The parental cell disppears with the forma- tion of progeny. ...
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