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Amaris Avalos August 1, 2017 APES The Lorax VS Easter Island The Lorax and Easter Island are both stories about how people negatively impacted the environment. They both dealt with serious situations even though one was real and the other was fiction. However, even though they shared a fair amount of similarities, they had very significant differences. But both of them have issues related to the world and environment today. The Lorax and Easter Island both shared similar situations considering the environment. They both shared someone or people wanting more power. And they did anything to get there. In both stories they cut down trees. And both were used for self benefit. Both of the places were beautiful. Full of different animals, and different trees. At the end of the Lorax, the forest had no trees left, and was left a deserted, polluted region. Everything on that land was either dead, or had to leave in order to survive. In Easter Island, there was a lot of fights over power. They became their own downfall. They cut down trees in order to drag their sacred statues to the coast for everyone to see. The statues showed signs of power and respect. The opposing tribe would destroy their enemies statues, and that's when the shoe dropped.
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