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BUS 330 - Syllabus_Online (2).doc - BUS330 Fall2017 Online...

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BUS 330 Fall 2017 Online COSUMNES RIVER COLLEGE Business & Family Science Division BUS 330: Managing Diversity in the Workplace (#13925) ______________________________________________________________________________ Professor Lisa-Marie Mederos Office: BS-154 Phone: 916-691-7342 E-mail: [email protected] Office Hours: Mon., 11:50am-1:20pm (online); Wed., 11:50am- 1:20pm; T/TH, 10:00am-10:30am; & T/TH, 1:20pm-1:50pm Course Description BUS   330 .  This   course   examines   the   leadership   skills   and   abilities   needed   to   manage   a multicultural workforce. A primary focus is placed upon the workplace impact of various historical, social, and cultural experiences/perspectives related to gender, age, ethnicity, and disability.  Workforce issues related to the diversity of the American consumer and global consumer impact on the United States are analyzed. Student Learning Outcomes As a result of successful completion of this course, a student will be able to: Examine and demonstrate appropriate responses to key diversity issues in the workplace. Define culture within the context of the United States workplace. Identify leadership skills and abilities that are effective in managing a multicultural  workforce. Demonstrate the ability to think critically and analyze problems. Analyze demographic trends in order to determine possible future directions in the  United States workforce. Analyze how language, gender, race, ethnicity, and organizational culture interact to  produce an organizational climate. Analyze   the   impact   of   cultural,   historical,   and   stereotypical   perspectives   on   the workplace. [1]
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BUS 330 Fall 2017 Online Course Pre-Requisite / Co-Requisite : None   Required Text: Diversity in Organizations with Cases , 3rd Edition, Bell, Nkomo, Fottler, McAfee, Caver,  Livers, Hayashi, Connor, Gary, Elliot, South-Western, Cengage Learning.  ISBN: 9781305762947.
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