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Crystalbridgewater 1 Paris Floods Name Instructor Institution Date Introduction Paris is the capital city of France which has an area of 105 square kilometers and a total population of two million two hundred and twenty nine thousand, six hundred and twenty in 2013 within its administrative limits which is roughly eighteen percent of France’s total population. The city characterized by very major highways, one of the busiest rails in the world and air transport which is served by two international airports. The city embraces its culture and this is evident by the presence of louvre which is the most visited cultural institution in the world which has paintings which depict the visual impression of the moment and modern art in Europe. Hazard Description and Effects There were an increased number of flood events in Paris, a state which led to the declaration of a disaster. This was because the floods led to the death of at least ten people and affecting at least one hundred people who require immediate emergency assistance. Floods have short term health effects such as drowning, injuries, animal bites and hypothermia while in the long-term the effects include, chronic disease as a result of the stagnated water, disability, poor mental health due to the stress caused by the floods, and poverty-related diseases including
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Crystalbridgewater 2 malnutrition due to lack of food as a result of destruction of agricultural products leading to food shortage and hunger ("Floods and the Paris Hospitals"). The reported losses as a result of floods also increased. The floods in Paris have led to the loss of properties such as houses, roads and businesses which cause emotional problems among the people who are affected after the floods. This is because they have lost their sense of security. This leads to inconveniences and hardship in recovery after the flood and increased vulnerability of survivors. River Siene’s mouth is said to be approximately 375km as it flows down from the city.
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