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Brand Position. - Running Head COCACOLA BRAND POSITION 1...

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COCACOLA BRAND POSITION 2 Brand Position Introduction Branding is one of the most important asset for a company. Branding helps the company remain competitive in the long run while creating a deep insight onto the customers mind. Therefore, it sets the vision, mission, objectives and strategies of the organisation. Brand Positioning and Vision Brand position is defined as the specific place that a company holds in its consumers mind. Coca cola has already position itself in the world market as a soft drink manufacturer. They use strategic position in order to have the same image around the world. They are able to adapt in more than 200 countries where they sell their products by understanding the principal, “think global, act global” ("Brands | Coca-Cola GB," 2017). They use a unique selling preposition as a, “live the coke side of life” which is related to joy and happiness.
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