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American Hcx - Running Header AMERICAN HISTORY 1 American...

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Running Header: AMERICAN HISTORY 1 American History Name Professor Course 09/11/17
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AMERICAN HISTORY 2 1. Explain social Darwinism. Do the ideals of social Darwinism still resonate in today’s politics and society? Why or why not? It is evident that all living things obey the laws of natural selection. However, Herbert Spencer advocated for a theory known as Social Darwinism, which is used to explain the fact that Human beings that are people, group and individuals are involved in a competition where they struggle for existence just like plant and animals resulting in the survival of the fittest, [Hof15].The Ideology of social Darwinism is unacceptable thus do not resonate at all with the political and social life of today’s world. This has happened mainly because of the changes that gradually occur day to day in our daily lives. In a comparison of today’s political system as well as the societal life with that of some past days, there emerges a big difference between the two. In today’s world, It is evident that people are very concerned with the less fortunate in the society. The needy are helped in a very great way, for instance, basing on the American’s greatest
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