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Running Header: BIBLIOGRAPHY OF CHINUA ACHEBE 1 Annotated Bibliography of Chinua Achebe Name Instructor Institution Date
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ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY OF CHINUA ACHEBE 2 Annotated Bibliography Arana, R. V. (2002). Introduction: The Chinua Achebe Special Section. Callaloo , 25 (2), 497-501. doi:10.1353/cal.2002.0051 The journal give accounts and introduces some Achebe’s literature work. The journal is recognizes Achebe’s dedication to the exploration of human nature and the critique of illiteracy and lack of knowledge. This journal has valuable information about Chinua’s work thus it will be very helpful since the focus of the paper is Achebe’s work and life. Therefore, this journal will help in providing information about Achebe’s life. Carroll, D. (1992). Chinua Achebe: Novelist, poet, critic . Houndmills: Macmillan This book is developed based on Achebe’s works of literature. The author of the book selected a large selections of criticism that have been written about him. This book has reviews the criticism essay about the works of China Achebe. This paper is about the work and life of Chinua Achebe and this book has the information I need, therefore, this article is very helpful. This book will provide information about Achebe’s works of literature which are very important. The information from the book will help me in my paper as it is about Achebe’s work and the paper is about Achebe’s life and work.
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