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Name Institution Professor 30/06/2017 Education in America In America, a child is either home schooled, put through a public school or schooled in a private school. The overall standards of education are set by the state government, and they often charge a standardized test for public school systems and they are usually through a board of viceroys. Public education is funded by local, federal or state authority. Private schools are free to determine their own staffing policies and curriculum. An approximate of 3% are homeschooled whereas 10% attended private schools and the larger majority attending public schools. Education is compulsory at an age ranging between five and eighteen, (Gregory and Gregory 57 ). In most school, one has to go through three levels that are an elementary school, junior high and high school. The government spends more on education in America than in any other country. They aim at producing only the best students after high school. America has a reading literacy rate of about 99% of the population that is above the age of fifteen. The government makes effort in raising the standards of education in America but this does not mean that they offer the best quality. In comparison to other developed countries, America ranks below average in science and mathematics. The State of Education in America There are various issues involved in the formal system of education. Formal education is divided into a number of educational stages. Most children are admitted into school at the age of
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either five or six and they are assigned into age groups known as grades. The school year begins towards the end of August or shortly after Labor Day in September that is after the summer recess. The children in one grade advance together as a single unit. Depending on situations some children may begin with pre-kindergarten, kindergarten or first grade. A diploma is awarded after twelve years of elementary and secondary education. Depending on the state education is compulsory up to the age of sixteen or eighteen. Attending college or university is a matter of self-decision. Here undergraduate degrees such as an associate’s degree are given. There are different types of colleges whose programs run differently. The community college or the junior college offers a two-year associate’s degree, (Gregory and Gregory 68 ). Community colleges are wholly funded by the public mostly local cities or counties. Four-year institutions may be public or private universities or colleges.
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