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Title of the Case: The Man of Zara: From Zero to Zara TIME CONTEXT An overview of Inditex's history since the company began life in the textiles industry back in 1963. 1963-Inditex goes into business as a dressmaker. 1975- Zara opens its first store in the centre of La Coruña, Spain, after 12 years of work by Amancio Ortega Gaona, Inditex's founder, as a textiles maker. 1976-1983- Zara's approach to fashion is a success with the public, which drives its expansion materialising in nine new store openings in Spain's biggest cities. GOA and Samlor, Zara's first garment factories, make their home in Arteixo, a Galician town very close to A Coruña, in 1977. GOA was the company's first head office. 1984-Inauguration of the first logistics centre in Arteixo, spanning 10,000 square metres. 1985-1987-ditex was incorporated as the Group's holding company. The Group lays the foundations for a distribution system capable of reacting to shifting market trends extremely quickly. 1988-I n December, Zara opens its doors in Porto, Portugal. 1989-In December, Zara opens its doors in Porto, Portugal. 1990-Inditex arrives to France with its first store in Paris 1991-The brands Pull&Bear and Massimo Dutti are incorporated into the Inditex Group. 1992-Inditex continues to expand its geographic reach, opening its first store in Mexico 1993-Inditex enters the Greek market. 1994-Inditex opens its first stores in Belgium and Sweden 1995-The Group opens its first store in Malta 1996-Inditex opens its first store in Cyprus. 1997-Inditex's geographic footprint reaches Norway and Israel 1998-Inditex creates Bershka, a new brand targeted at teenage customers, and opens stores in several new markets: UK, Turkey, Argentina, Venezuela, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Kuwait and Lebanon 1999-Stradivarius becomes part of Inditex, making it the Group's fifth brand. The Group continues to open stores in new markets: Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Canada, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay.
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2000-Inditex moves its headquarters to a new building in Arteixo (La Coruña, Spain). The Group enters four new markets: Andorra, Austria, Denmark and Qatar.
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