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Edgar Allen Poe Early Life Edgar Poe was born on 19 th of January, 1809 in Boston, he was the second son of Elizabeth Arnold Hopkins Poe, who was an English-born actress and his father was David Poe, Jr. he had other siblings, elder brother called Williams Henry Leonard Poe and his younger sister called Rosalie Poe, (Allen, 1927). Though rumors have it that Edgar may have been named after a character in William Shakespeare‘s, King Lear, (Randy, 1981). His father later abandoned the family and his mother died a year later from consumption, which is now referred to as pulmonary tuberculosis. Poe played a huge role in development of genre in literatures and in poetry. Poe being an orphan, he was taken by a successful Scottish merchant called John Allan in Richmond, Virginia. John Allan and his wife served as Edgar’s foster parents and gave him the name, Edgar Allan Poe, though they had never adopted him formally, (Jeffery, 1992). In 1815, the Allans and Poe sailed to Britain. There, Edgar attended a grammar school for a short period of time in Irvine, Scotland. This was where John Allan was born. He, later on, joined the family in London in 1816 where he studied at boarding school until summer 1817. The boarding school was in Chelsea. In 1820, Poe moved to Richmond with the Allans. There he served as a lieutenant of the Richmond youth honor guard. Edgar enrolled to a one-year-old university of Virginia to study ancient and modern languages, (Silverman, 1991). At the university, Poe had debts and he later became detached from his foster father over gambling debts. By then, gambling was not allowed in the university. When Poe’s debts increased, he dropped out of the university after only a year of studies, (Silverman, 1991). Royster, who had been his girlfriend had moved on and gotten engaged to Alexander Shelton. In 1827, Poe decided to travel to Boston where he sustained
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himself with odd jobs like newspaper writer and a clear. He later enlisted himself in the United States Army as a private using the name Edger A. Perry. This was still in 1827 where he also released his first book, a collection of poetry entitled Tamerlane and Other Poems. After serving in the army for a while he revealed his real identity and was discharged in 1829 from the army and this was after his foster mother had died. There and then he decided to dedicate himself to writing.
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