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1 Title Name Tutor Institution Date Introduction In the book of A Dog's Purpose, the dog which is the main character dies when the story begins. He then dies and reappears three times. Once it is announced dead, it is born again as a new creature unlike in other books where the where the story ends by the death of the dog. W. Bruce Cameron who is the writer of the book A dog’s purpose was born in 1960. He is not a newborn pup but a very experienced author who has written many books. Some of them have been adapted to become a Television show. His book A Dog's Purpose was very successful being the best in terms of selling at the time when it was published in the year 2010. It went beyond what was expected just like the dog which is stated in the story which lives as a feral mutt and in the beloved dog of the family. Cameron and Cowdrey stayed more than a whole year of the very few lifetime years in the list of bestsellers. He then wrote a small part of the book titled “ A Dog's Journey” in 2012, which he used to express how the work of a dog can never be completed. Since this book was very successful, it made its way into the film industry whereby it was directed by Lesse Hallström who has directed several other movies as well.
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2 Summary The book’s story is a narration which is given by one of the dogs which are rescued from a ditch by well-wishers where it was born. It is named Toby by the woman who decides to take care of him and occasionally gives him a pat behind the ears. When the dog dies, he appears in a new form as a golden heavy water-resistant dog named Bailey before he is “reborn” again but this time as a female dog that is given a name of Ellie. For the last time, he is reborn as a Black Lab by the name Buddy and this is the time when meets Ethen ("Dog's Purpose Full Movie HD with * Czech Subtitles*"). Each time the dog reappears in a new form, he learns other things about what the dog should accomplish and in the process feels like he has accomplished at the end. When the dog reappears in a different form for the second time, he learns to love Ethen and when he goes to his grandparents’ place during the summer period, Hannah and Bailey fall in love. He then realizes that the house belonging to Ethen is burnt by Todd when Ethen goes to attend college. Hannah promised to write to him every day, but to his surprise, he realized that Hannah is engaged when he returned from college.
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