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Dosage Fom DesignQUESSTION.docx - Surname 1 Dosage Form...

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Surname 1 Dosage Form Design Experiment QUESTIONS EXPERIMENT PHARMTECH-2 1. Report the molecular weight of PVP K30 The molecular weight of PVP K30 is 313.1mg 2. Describe the quality control type experiment to confirm the molecular weight of this binder A summary of drug substance tests, analytical procedures, acceptance limits and results for the drug substance are. The specification includes all the critical drug substance attributes that affect the manufacturing and quality of the drug product. In addition to the tests found in the USP monograph, we include specifications for polymorphic form and particle size. Through this, the molecular weight is determined. 3. Explain, account for the reported properties in terms of the general structure and grades of HPMC The properties of HPMC are that: • Cost effectiveness • Manufacture of reproducible dosage forms by conventional production methods. • PH-independent performance.
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