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Assignment 1 -FFA2016-17V3(1) managing change.docx

Assignment 1 -FFA2016-17V3(1) managing change.docx - BUS9MC...

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BUS9MC MANAGING CHANGE – SPRING 2017 ASSIGNMENT 1 Force Field Analysis and SMART goal setting 1. What are Force Field Analysis and SMART and how can they be used to manage change? (20 marks) 2. Show how you can use Force Field Analysis and SMART to change your own behaviour. Use one of the following examples: getting fitter; improving your time management; managing your personal finances. If there is another change of behaviour that you would wish to use, please agree this with the Module Coordinator (70 marks) 3. Reflect on what you have learnt about changing your own behaviour. (10 marks) Note The coursework assignment represents 30% of the total module assessment; Length = 1000 words (excluding references). Marks will be allocated on overall presentation, content and discussion, and reference to supporting material. Reference using the Harvard system Submission The assignment must be submitted by 11.00am on Thursday
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