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Dissuasion Post: Bariatric Surgery Quantitative Question: Can reducing the number of readmission periods of 30 days for a Bariatric surgery patient reduce the increase in mortality rate? Independent Variable : Reducing the number of readmission period. Dependent Variable: Mortality rate. Hypothesis: According to the evidence, patients having bariatric surgery are frequently readmitted within 30 days. It will be clear that Bariatric surgery patients are at risk of dying after undergoing the procedure, especially during their readmission period of 30 days. Type of hypothesis: This would be categorized under casual hypothesis. It proposes that there is a cause-and-effect interaction between two or more variables. In this case, I will be researching to see if there is an effect if the Bariatric surgery patient is readmitted for the 30 day period and what will happen if the number of days are reduced.
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