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Extra Credit assigment CHEM.docx - Chemistry is everywhere...

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Chemistry is everywhere in the world around you, from the chocolate or caffeine in your Starbucks to the dyes in your clothes. Pick a topic of interest to you based on your hobbies, interests, curiosity- identify an aspect of the chemistry involved (no, you cannot use the same topic you have used in another chemistry class) Have me approve the topic- shoot me an email and we can talk about your choice and my expectations Research the topic (not Wikipedia) You may do your research on line, but you must use at least one book. Your online research must have dates within the last 2 years. You need at least 5 references (minimum), but more are better PART I Think of a creative way of presenting your knowledge. It can be audio, visual, movement, computer based, or a combination of these: ie: music video, photographic collage, game, painting,
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