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Dakota 1 Literary Analysis on a Dog’s Purpose Name Title Tutor Institution Introduction Author The author of the book A dog’s purpose , W. Bruce Cameron was born in 1960 I Petoskey, he is not a newborn pup but an experienced humor columnist, who also wrote the book 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter in 2001 , which was adapted into a TV show with John Ritter. A Dog's Purpose was very success in terms of sells when it was published in 2010. And just like its starring dog that lives as a feral mutt and a beloved family dog, A Dog's Purpose exceeded expectations. I (Cameron and Cowdrey) t spent over a year on the New York Times Bestseller List, which are a few lifetimes in book years. Cameron later wrote a sequel, A Dog's Journey , in 2012, which showed us that a dog's work is never done. Neither is that of a bestselling author. Writing one of the most successful dog stories since Lassie meant that Cameron's novel was sure to be made into a Hollywood film which was directed by the only man we could see helming a movie about a loyal dog: Lasse Hallström who also directed movies such as Chocolate and My Life as a Dog.
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Dakota 2 A Dog's Purpose is not one of those books where the dog dies at the end. No, but instead the dog dies at the beginning. Then he dies again and again. Each time he dies, he is reborn as a new dog, but he retains the memories of his past lives. Summary The book’s story is narrated by a dog that is born in a ditch and lives in the wild before he is captured by some people who keep dogs in a pen somewhere. The woman in charge names him Toby and occasionally gives him a pat behind the ears. The dog is reincarnated as a different dog where he is a golden Retriever named Bailey before he is reincarnated as a female dog named Ellie. Lastly; he is reincarnated as a Black Lab named Buddy where he meets Ethen. I n each of his incarnations, the dog learn something more about what is a dog’s purpose and feels that he has fulfilled it at the end. Four puppies are born to a feral dog who keeps them hidden in a den scooped underneath the black roots of a tree and they are taught to fear humans but they are finally caught and put in a cage with other dogs. In the second reincarnation, Bailey who is the hero loves Ethen. When Ethan visits his grandparents during the summer, a lady by the name Hannah falls in love with her. Bailey discovers when Todd sets Ethan’s house on fire when he goes to school. When Ethan goes to college, Hannah promises to write every day but on his return he discovers she has a new boyfriend. Bailey gets sick and has to be put down.
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