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First Writing Assignment Submit Assignment Due Feb 12 by 11:59pm Points 25 Submitting a file upload Available until Feb 12 at 11:59pm After critically reflecting upon course material, choose one of the topics below and address the topic in the form of a critical essay. The essay should be about 500-700 words in length. Your paper must include at least 2 direct quotations from the assigned text in order to support your analysis (no more than four can be used and they must be no longer than 20 words per quotation). You must use Times New Roman script, 12-point font, and the paper must be double-spaced. Number all pages. Do not include a cover page. No other outside sources are permitted in completing this assignment , only the course material is permitted. Citations must be in MLA style (see the guidelines on writing a critical essay for examples of this). Papers are due on Sunday, February 12 th at midnight (11:59 pm) . You must submit your paper through Webcourses.ucf.edu . The instructor will provide the specific instructions and password in a separate email. Late papers that violate the late paper policy will receive a failing grade. The Grading Criteria sheet is available on Canvas.
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