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Last name 1 Name Instructor’s name Course name Date Data Analytics The internet of things is as of today sounding like a consumer fantasy that finally came true - I mean who would not fantasy the idea of being able to switch their lights off when they are a mile away or knowing what kind of staff need to be replenished on the refrigerators. But interestingly at the same time, there is more to IoT than just the simple fact of lifestyle enhancement. This is the case as IoT also includes a corporate side that effectively enables the organization to collect and analyses data. As a matter of fact, different companies today have made the decision that big data is not just a buzzword but rather a new fact of business life. But needless to stay, an IoT application is extensive and while it may seem like an obvious application of the IoT education is on that list (Loshin 40). Today more than ever, the internet has become part of the school system to the point that eLearning has become a common practice. The application of the IoT in education is simply numerous. The common aspect of IoT in Data analytic in education is that schools are using IoT to improve their safety, enhancing access to information as well as being able to track key information. The internet education is taking the school system by storm where higher education learning system is increasingly shifting away from paper books towards laptops and tablets (Mattison 122). But better still, is the fact that many campuses are today offering courses on data analytic and IoT.
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Last name 2 The following are universities that offer courses in Business Intelligence, Data Science, Data mining, machine learning and predictive analytics. Institution course Duration Pre-required knowledge scope Arizona State University Ms. in Business Analytics 9 month Strong quantitative background Ten-course curriculum building on existing knowledge and skills Bentley University Master’s in Business Analytics 12 months Extensive knowledge of data resources Scope entails solid grounding in used statistical methods through the use of various software tools. Carnegie Mellon University Master’s degree in information system management 16 months Knowledge in data analytics Database and data warehousing approaches and data mining curriculum Central Connecticut state university Master of Science in data mining 9 months Knowledge in data mining Statistical methodology and machine learning.
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