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Running head: CASE STUDY 1 Leadership Case Study [Name of Writer] [Name of Institution]
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CASE STUDY 2 Leadership Case Study Answer 1 An action plan is a manuscript that has a list of the steps that must be undertaken to accomplish a particular goal (Gallent & Ciaffi, 2014). The action plan aims at clarifying the resources that are needed to meet the goal, articulate a timeline for completing particular tasks as well as determining the resources that are needed. In other words, an action plan is a statement of what one wants to accomplish within a certain period of time. Having been charged with heading and implementing change in my organization implementing, I will have to develop a comprehensive plan to ensure the success of the project. As a mid-level manager in the company, I will have to identify the steps that will have to be taken to accomplish the aims of the project. I will therefore develop an action plan, in collaboration with the pertinent members of the organization. I will employ the use of a seven- step process of developing an action plan advocated by Hamdi & Goethert (2015). According to the authors, action planning involves setting goals or objectives, assessment of the objectives, identification of the action required to achieve the goals, working on ways of evaluating the activities, setting a timeframe, assessment of the plan and finalizing the action plan. Setting Objectives Hamdi & Goethert (2015) state that one needs to have clear objectives that guide the aim of the process. The objectives must be achievable and not over-ambitious. Besides, they need to be measurable so that one can tell whether they have been achieved or not. In this case, the main aim is to enact an initiative that will restructure and implement change in the organization. The objectives of the initiative are already stipulated. They include reducing the time taken to manufacture products, improving general manufacturing efficiency and reducing costs incurred in personnel. Additionally, the initiative strives to maintain high quality of products despite the changes. Assessment of the objectives Assessment assists to identify if the objectives are appropriate or not. The step is necessary as it may lead to confirming the goals that have been set, abandoning any of revising any of them (Hamdi & Goethert 2015). In my assessment, I will have to ask if the goals of this initiative are compatible with the objective of the company. Our company aims at serving our clients with effective equipment at affordable prices. All the four objectives are therefore compatible with this aim. I will also confirm from the accounting personnel and the cost engineers in my team to find out if the necessary resources such as funds, staff and equipment are available to meet the objectives, and if they can be obtained in case of unavailability. Besides, I will think about potential problems that are likely to arise while working to meet the four objectives.
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