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Running head: BUSINESS PLAN Business Plan Submitted by: Student ID: Tutor’s Name: Date:
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Business Plan 2 Industry Analysis (Bridget) Industry Statistics Diabetes is spreading in India with more than 62 million diabetic patients. In 2000, India was having patients of around 31.7 million, and it marked the history of being the most number of diabetic patients in the world. The Industry statistics is analyzed by the research information and its results, which is gathered by ICMR known as The Indian Council of Medical Research. They explored that the diabetes is affected by a lower degree in the Northern region of India like Chandigarh having around 0.12 million patients and Jharkhand having 0.96 million. If we go further down the region, it is found that in Maharashtra there are around 9.2 million and in Tamil Nadu, there are around 4.8 million people affected by diabetes. The survey further analyzed that in metropolitan and urban groups, the number of diabetic patients is increasing, for example, 11.7 million in Kolkata which is in the Eastern
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