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1 Sarah Boyle Lit 356 Angry Black White Boy April 1 st , 2016 “I’m just as full of shit as all of you. I’m not gonna justify it like I did when I robbed all those crackers and say I’d make a bigger difference alive than dead, or that I don’t want to let you off the hook by dying for your sins. The truth is that I’m just not willing to die, for justice or for anything. Macon Detornay’s a coward and a sellout, and maybe deep down I even knew this apology shit was gonna fuck up black folks worse than whites, paint them into a corner, get them killed. I’d apologize, but I wouldn’t believe myself. So fuck it” (268) “He snorted (Andre) ‘Robin Hood. What a crock of shit. That money went straight from their pockets to yours.’ Macon stepped down from the bed and started trampolining. The box springs heaved a heavy warning. It went unheeded. ‘Suddenly you have a problem with that?’ (Macon) he asked as he bounced. Andre shook his head without looking up, still engaged in follicle maintenance, ‘Not at all. What I have a problem with is the suggestion that a middle-class white dude stealing from other middle-class white dudes is somehow redistributing the wealth’.” (221) These two passages from the novel, “Angry Black White Boy”, written by Adam Mansbach, exemplify the tense racial world that exists between whites at blacks. These two passages represent a cultures attempt to understand another’s, and how it is hard for cultures to escape the past. This huge contradiction is one faced in reality, and one handled by both blacks and whites.
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