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Laboratory Health and Safety Guide 2015-2016 The reading and understanding of this guide should allow you to work safely in a lab. It also includes a section about good practice which will help create efficient and respectful work conditions for every person working in the laboratory. This document must be read and understood before starting any job in the lab. Danger might arise from manipulating chemicals (acids and solvents), biological material as well as operating machinery. Moreover, electrical, explosion and fire risks are present and can result in injuries, damage to the equipment or loss of results. In case of doubt, if you have any question regarding safety or if you do not know how to perform a task or operate a machine, ask someone. As a rule, any person working in the lab is responsible for its own safety and the security of others. Contact persons: Head of the lab: Ir. David Bastin, [email protected] Phone: + 32 (0)4 366 91 22 Mobile: +32 (0)479 066809 Laboratory staff: Sebastien Blasutig, [email protected] Phone: +32 (0)4 366 91 24
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