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PROBLEM 1.27 The temperature controller for a clothes dryer consists of a bimetallic switch mounted on an electrical heater attached to a wall-mounted insulation pad. The switch is set to open at 70C, the maximum dryer air temperature. To operate the dryer at a lower air temperature, sufficient power is supplied to the heater such that the switch reaches 70C ( T set) when the air temperature T is less than T set. If the convection heat transfer coefficient between the air and the exposed switch surface of 30 mm2 is 25 W/m2 K, how much heater power Pe is required when the desired dryer air temperature is T 50C?
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PROBLEM 1.56 In the thermal processing of semiconductor materials, annealing is accomplished by heating a silicon wafer according to a temperature-time recipe and then maintaining a fixed elevated temperature for a prescribed period of time. For the process tool arrangement shown as follows, the wafer is in an evacuated chamber whose walls are maintained at 27C and within which heating lamps maintain a radiant flux at its upper surface. The wafer is 0.78 mm
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