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Homework1c.fall2017.pdf - ME 352 Machine Design I Name of...

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ME 352 - Machine Design I Name of Student:______________________________ Fall Semester 2017 Lab Section Number:__________________________ Homework No. 1 (30 points). Due on Blackboard before 8:00 am on Wednesday, August 30th. Important notes for the homework assignments (applicable to all homework this semester): (i) All homework must be submitted to the blackboard page of your lab division. See the assignment tab. You must include this cover page with your name and lab section number. (ii) Please submit clear legible scans of your homework. The scans should be in the correct sequence. You can use the scanners in the computer labs or you can use your phones to scan images using appropriate software. (iii) You must submit all of your homework on a single PDF file. A second file will not be graded. (iv) Homework that is marked late cannot be graded. (v) Write your solutions to all of the problems clearly and explicitly. Credit will not be given to
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