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ME 352 - Machine Design I Name of Student __________________________ Fall Semester 2017 Lab Section Number ______________________ Homework No. 4 (30 points). Due on Blackboard before 8:00 am on Friday, September 22nd. The important notes for this homework assignment are as printed on Homework 1. Consider Problem 3.29, see Figure P3.29, page 172. In addition to determining the magnitude and direction of the angular velocity of the oscillating follower (that is, link 4) also determine the magnitude and direction of the angular velocity of the roller (that is, link 3). Note that the cam, link 2, is the input and the given posture is 2 = 135 . To solve this problem use the following two methods: (i) The method of kinematic coefficients. Clearly document your solution to the posture analysis of the mechanism using trigonometry. Then clearly show all the steps for the method of kinematic coefficients beginning with the vector loop equation. List the unknown variables, and any constraint equations. In particular,
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