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using string data.jpeg - [lode Example[lava String str...

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Unformatted text preview: [lode Example [lava] String str = "George Washington"; int strLongth = str.longth(); ifstrLongth would {Ibo 1? linote: length{) {Xis a function String substr = str.substring(7, 11); ffsubstr would be ff"wash” f!note: 11 means stop ffindox String caps = str.toUpperCase(); {Kcaps would be IX“GEDRGE NASHINGTDN” String lower = 5tr.toLowerCaso(); {flower would be fj"george washington” int pos str.index0f(‘o’); lfpos would be 1 int str.lastIndoxflf ‘o’ 'ffios would be S ...
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