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CSI week 3 disscussion 2.docx - 1 What are the issues that...

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1. What are the issues that effect evidence collection? Issues that occur during evidence collection are extreme conditions, like atmosphere, temperature, and weather. All of these factors also control how one would collect the evidence. Fingerprints in hotter temperatures get dusted first with a feather fingerprint brush with black powder. Fingerprints in colder temperatures would have to be heated with a Maglite first, then processed as normal. 2. You respond to a late night crime scene. It is an outdoor shooting in a vehicle and of course, it is raining. The reconstruction indicates that the shooter most likely leaned against the car to shoot inside. You think that there will be prints on the outside by the passenger door. Do you process the wet vehicle at the scene or tow the vehicle to the lab to dry out in order to get a better print? The car would have to be processed at the crime scene. There a possibility that evidence would be
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