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Tanvir Chowdhury 97118173 Week 11-13 Assignment 1. One invasive stinkbug that is invasive in the U.S would be the Brown Marmorated Stinkbug. This bug has been accidentally introduced to Pennsylvania in the late 1990’s. The bug currently is an agricultural pest for farmers in Pennsylvania as it damages produce such as apples, corn, peaches and etc. It is usually dealt with by using pesticides to remove them from any structures or areas the bug has infested. An example of a stink bug species that is invasive and does not occur in the U.S would be the Graphsoma Lineateum. The bug occupies Europe parts of the Middle East and Northern Africa. The bug prefers to live in dry, sandy soil. It does target commercial crops in Europe such as produce. I believe we are seeing an increased number of invasive stinkbugs in the U.S due to the affects to globalization and international trade. In these recent times, the U.S receives large trade shipments of produce, and goods all over the world. It is likely that
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