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Stratification and Social Inequality – Study Guide Stratification – the categorization and rank-ordering of people according to the amount of some valued personal attribute (e.g. intelligence), social characteristic (e.g. occupation, race, ethnicity, gender), or material resource (referring to both goods and services) each has, relative to others in society What humans are inclined to evaluate – one’s individual attributes, or the social statuses one may have, as being superior or inferior to those of others What the ‘higher ups’ demand of those who are lower down; why the ‘lower downs’ give it persons with the most highly valued attributes or statuses enjoy access to the most value forms of, or the largest chunk of, various resources. Once they have a lion’s share of resources that others want and/or need, such persons may demand additional resources—goods and services—in return for providing the needy with life’s essentials (which the higher ups have a copious amount of) Social inequality – the inequality of access to valued goods and services, and/or
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