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THE INVENTION OF THE ADDING MACHINE A 17th Century Innovation HIST 125 6380 Technological Transformations
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Webliography Dalakov, Georgi. 2017. History of Computers: Hardware, Software, Internet. September 11. Accessed September 17, 2017. http://history- computer.com/MechanicalCalculators/19thCentury/Burroughs.html. William Seward Burroughs became the inventor of the first adding machine after being a bank clerk and spending long and tedious hours calculating numbers at the age of 16. This article explains the history of the adding machine and provide a background on William Burroughs. There have been questions about Burroughs being the originator of the invention. My research will touch basis on Burroughs, the invention and patent of the first adding machine, and the many stages of how we now use the calculator.
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