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Biology 121 CHEAT SHEET.docx - Biology 121(224 Cheat Sheet...

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Biology 121 (224) Cheat Sheet: UBC Winter Term 2 Xamantha Guerra: 30290167 EVOLUTION SECTION: Historical Figures: -Plato: Every organism is part of a perfect essence or type that is created by God. Variation is unimportant. -Aristotle: Everything is part of the great chain of being. Sequenced based on size and complexity. Species are fixed, some are “higher than others. -Lamark: Evolution as a change through time. Not static, but changes through time. Simple organisms originate at the base of the chain, and spontaneous evolution occurs. Evolve by moving up the chain. (Everything about is: Typological thinking.) -Darwin and Wallace: (Population thinking) Evolution by natural selection. Variation is key. Why was the theory of evolution revolutionary? 1)Overturned the idea of static/unchanging species. 2)Population thinking replaced typological thinking. 3)Scientific, proposed a mechanism that could account for change. Theory: All organisms are related and descend from common ancestors from the past. Fact: Changes in features of organisms occur over generations. Natural selection: principle by which each slight variation of a trait, if useful, is preserved. Trait needs to be
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