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StringSwapper.java - Name Hancheng Dai Instructor Alberto...

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// Name: Hancheng Dai // Instructor: Alberto Castro-Hernandez // CSE 174, Section F // Date: 9/16/2017 // Filename: FirstProgram.java // Description: Practice with writing, saving // and compiling code /* Test input: uiouiouio 0,6 expected answer:iiouuouio wrong answer: uiouiouio * Test input: kiokio 1,3 expected answer:kkoiio right * Test input: kiokio 0,3 expected answer:kiokio right * Test input: ceosucks 2,3 expected answer:cesoucks right * Test input: kinematic 0,1 expected answer:iknematic wrong answer java.util.InputMismatchException */ import java.util.Scanner; public class StringSwapper{ public static void main(String args[]){ String str; int positionI; int positionJ; Scanner keyBorder = new Scanner(System.in);
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