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(1565) (1585-87) (1607) (1620) (1630) (1638) (1609) / (1624) (1636) (1638) (1608) (1642) (1633) (1636)
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The voyage would require greater sums of money to furnish than their estates would amount to; and yet they must as well look to be seconded with supplies, as presently to be transported. Also many precedents of ill success, and lamentable miseries befallen others in similar attempts were easy to be found. The place they had thoughts on was some of those vast and unpeopled countries of America, which are fruitful and fit for habitation, being devoid of all civil inhabitants, where there are only savages and brutish men and wild beasts of the same… Some…out of their fears, objected against the plan, alleging many things, neither unreasonable nor improbable. It was a great design and subject to many unconceivable perils and dangers; as, besides the casualties of the seas, the length of the voyage was such that the weak bodies of women and other persons worn out with
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