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For a Memory Boost, Ditch the Laptop and Write It Down by Hand Your Brain Likes Plain Old Paper More Than It Likes E-Readers June 5, 2014 In our technology-saturated world, handwriting seems like a relic of the distant past. Communication happens through e-mail, notes are taken on tablets, and calendars rule smartphones -- who has time to scrawl anything by hand? But perhaps we shouldn't be so quick to forsake putting the pen to the page. Significant benefits may be garnered from the process, benefits that typing can't replicate. e already know that handwriting is instrumental when first learning to read and write -- kids learn to read more quickly when taught to write by hand, rather than on a computer – but new research suggests writing may also be beneficial long after we've mastered both skills. W In a series of three experiments published in Psychological Science , college students were divided into
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